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Play Plinko by MyStake

Your first deposit is doubled up to $1,000!

Gambling is prohibited for minors!


A legendary game! Easy to learn and super fun.


At the ends of the game board, there are multipliers capable of multiplying your winnings up to x1,000.


You can change the game's settings to suit your desires.

Plinko Rules

A number of marbles that you define fall from the top of a pyramid. The balls hit the pins in the pyramid and end up on one of the squares at the bottom. These squares each represent a multiplier. The further away from the center a square is, the higher its multiplier.

Deposit on Mystake

Mystake offers several payment methods: credit card, Neteller, Skrill, Neosurf, Paysafecard or cryptocurrency.

The deposit starts at 10€ (or 10$)

Withdrawing money from Mystake

As with any self-respecting online casino, you will need to send in documents to have your identity verified. Once MyStake has validated your account, you will be able to withdraw your money via bank transfer or cryptocurrency.

The transfer is made within 48 hours of your request.

The minimum amount to make a withdrawal request is €50 for bank transfers and €100 for crypto transfers.

Plinko MyStake in video

"Another great mini-game from MyStake. I recommend Plinko!"

- Christophe

"Short, fun and addictive, Plinko is incroachable. I've taken to playing a few games every day."

- Isabelle

"Excellent! Thanks to the MyStake bonuses, I was able to win more than €1500. You just have to win a little bit every time"

- Theo

Plinko MyStake tips


This very famous strategy consists of a very simple principle, you bet a stake, for example one euro, then you double this stake until you get a win. When you manage to win, you start betting again from one euro. It is advisable to set a limit on the amount you can bet when using this technique, as although it increases your chances, it does not guarantee that 100 % will win. This is the case for all the tips, none of them will allow you to win at 100 %.

Modify the parameters

MyStake allows you to change the settings of its Plinko game. You can take advantage of this to adapt them to your portfolio and your goals. It is possible to change the number of pins on the pyramid and the volatility. Depending on your needs, but also on what you can afford, the parameters used will be different. For a player with a small budget, it is better to play with a medium or low volatility. While a player with a larger budget can afford to aim for the jackpot and change the volatility to high while selecting the maximum number of pins (16 lines).

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🐔 Play Plinko
✨ Maximum stake 1000€
💸 Minimum stake 0.2€
🤑 Maximum gain Up to €10,000
🎲 RTP 99 %
⭐ Average Score 5/5