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Play the chicken game

Your first deposit is doubled up to $1,000!

Gambling is prohibited for minors!

Chicken game

Easy to understand, the chicken game can win you big!


If you land on a chicken, your bet increases.


If you fall on a bone, you lose the game.

Rules of the chicken game

You must bet a minimum of 0.20€. You open bells. The more chickens you hit, the more money you win. If you hit a bone, you lose. You can withdraw at any time.

Deposit on Mystake

You can deposit by credit card, skrill, neteller, paysafecard, neosurf or cryptocurrency.

The deposit starts at 10€ (or 10$)

Withdrawing money from Mystake

Before withdrawing, you will need to verify your identity (ID card, passport or license). Once your account is validated, you can withdraw by bank transfer or cryptocurrency. The transfer will be done within 48 hours!

Withdrawal from 50€ per crypto or 100€ per transfer.

Game of chicken in video

"I won more than 400€ and I withdrew my winnings with a SEPA transfer, everything works"


"I've been playing it every day for the past week, it's really addictive."


"Thanks for the bonus on chicken, I've already doubled my starting bet on mystake!"


Tips Chicken Game


In this strategy, you must bet $1. If you lose, you must double your bet. If you lose again, double your bet, etc. When you win, you start again at $1. With this technique, your chances are higher.

24 bones technique

You have to put 24 bones on the tray. You have a 1 in 25 chance of opening a chicken, but if you do, you go from $1 to $24.75!

1 bone only

You put a single bone on the tray. You open a chicken, then you get your bet back. You do this over and over again, the chances of hitting a bone are very low.

For every £10 you bet, you get £10.31 back!

Try your luck today on the game of chicken

Up to 1000€ offered on Mystake through our link.

🐔 Playing the Chicken Game
✨ Maximum stake 1000€
💸 Minimum stake 0.2€
🤑 Maximum gain Up to €10,000
🎲 RTP 99 %
⭐ Average Score 5/5